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Sarah Hart, Director

Sarah is an ‘A’ graded Approved Driving Instructor, with over 18 years experience in the industry. She holds Government Registration as an Instructor Trainer (ORDIT) and also the DVSA highest driving award (Cardington Gold).

Her approach to coaching and mentoring students draws on her past sporting career and time in leisure management, bringing innovative coaching techniques to driver and instructor training, and consistently achieves outstanding test results.

Sarah believes Instructors be motivated and highly professional, and that each student’s learning experience should be positive, enjoyable and fun, and offer great value; the end game is – ensuring students emerge as safe and competent drivers.

Sarah Hart


Government approved and registered. Published standards and syllabus. Online resources.


'Covid Secure' Protection. Instructor/Public Liability Insurance. Accredited Instructors.


Parent support provided. Published syllabus/revision materials. Progress tracking.


Your pass = Our Priority. Outstanding test results. Mock testing, progress tracked.

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Sarah Hart

Operations Director/Approved Driving Instructor/ORDIT

Julia Ann Clayton

Director/Approved Driving Instructor

Ed Rose

Approved Driving Instructor - Drive Hart

Lisa Downie

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Scott Connor

Approved Driving Instructor - Drive Hart

Jade Brice

Approved Driving Instructor - Drive Hart


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Drive Hart is a DVSA Registered Training School for Instructors and learners, offering professional training and coaching to students and instructors.
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